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The Lien Writer® Newsletter November 21st 2018

The Lien Writer® Newsletter
Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
Setting Up Additional Users of Lien Writer®
When setting up a new Lien Writer® installation most companies opt for a single station under a single user. But, especially in larger companies, that user of the program soon finds it is much more convenient to have multiple users entering data, especially in the busy months of the construction season.  The question is what is the best way to have multiple users entering data into Lien Writer®?
  1. Multiple Single User Stations – Some companies elect to have Lien Writer® set up on multiple single user stations.   While this way is the simplest, with one program database on each station, problems can occur when one station’s user is out sick, or gets promoted, or, worse, quits or gets fired.  Then you have one station with all of its data just sitting, waiting, until a new user is added to the station.  If a new user is added.  If not, the records in the program are neglected and forgotten until some problem occurs, and then it is often too late to do anything about saving your interest in a job;
  2. Multiple Networked User Stations – Setting your Lien Writer® program up as networked program has some disadvantages- you have to have the database setup to a share a station or, preferably, a server station common to all of the user stations in the network.  And, it is very handy to have someone in the office who understands network setup.  All of that said, a networked Lien Writer® setup makes it easy to allow everyone access to the entire system to record jobs and follow up on them.
We will be discussing option #2 today, and ways of setting your database up for the best usage by all users.
Choosing the database location – You have to have a common location for the program’s database that all of the Lien Writer® computer stations will access.  Generally, one of your office servers is the best location for the database.  A server is a computer station setup specifically to have common files and databases accessible to all.  You can have a user’s station setup as a server for the network, if you have no free server on your network, but you run risks with a station as a server if the user chooses to reboot their station without advising other uses on the network.  In addition, you can have a remote Citrix or Windows Server setup as a common network location for all the files of the program (and that is a discussion for another newsletter).
Setting up each Lien Writer® station – Once you have a common location chosen for a database,
Keeping Up To Date With Lien Writer®
The current version on the street is our version.
It is easy to update Lien Writer®:
  1. If you are using a Lien Writer®version or before, first run Lien Writer™, then go to Help / About Lien Writer® and write down your version number and expiration date for verification;
  2. Open your Internet or Google Explorer;
  3. Go to our website at;
  4. Click on Lien_Program_Installer10.1.1.1;
  5. The site will ask where you want the program to download.  Put it in a directory location you want, or just download to the Desktop.  Normally, it should take less than 5 minutes;
  6. Once the program is downloaded, go to the directory site, or the Desktop, and double click on the Lien_Program_Installer10.1.1.1.  The program will begin installing and updating your data files;
  7. If the former program was of the 10.0.x.xseries, it will simply update.  If your version is of the or less, it will install but you will need to get a update code.  Call (530) 622-1344,or write us at to receive your new code;
  9. Once you update, just use the program as you have always used it

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